Tip #1 – Stay Away From Metal Grates

Do NOT stand on metal grates on sidewalks. I learned this the hard way on West 4th Street. Waiting for a friend, I was approached by two hooded men on a street corner asking me to follow them into an alley.

Hooded Man #1: “Hey man, come down this way with us.”

Me: “Ummm… what?”

Hooded Man #2: “You a cop?”

Me: “What?”

Hooded Man #1: “No man… he cool.”

Okay, right there is where I finally came to my senses and fucking bolted out of there. After mentioning the story to some friends, they asked if I happened to be standing on a metal grate (which I was). Apparently, that’s code for: Sell me some drugs. Crazy.


~ by getchoo44 on March 11, 2008.

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