Peggy Phillips

“Mmmm… Thought that was the N-train over there… Said Uh-oh, I did it again… but it’s not…”

As I’m sitting on the N-train and another train passes by us on our way to 34th Street, those are the words I hear. I turn to my right. Sitting beside me is a black woman holding a cane and some books in a plastic bag.

She says: “Mayor Bloomberg says we’re not friendly people. But we just work hard. You wait until the 4th of July, Memorial Day Weekend… we’ll show you…”

I nod, smile, drink some water. I am so uncomfortable. Other people just stare at me to see my reaction.

She continues: “Enjoy your life. Enjoy it. Don’t let them say that to you. We’ll show them.”

I am staring right into her scary brown eyes. She’s smiling at me. I have no idea what’s going on. She pulls out her work id card from a string around her neck.

“This is me. I work at Morgan Stanley. That big building on 48th Street. My favorite color is red. But sometimes, I like Blue. I’m Peggy Phillips.”

Wow. So, that was Peggy Phillips. We got off the train at the same stop. But I stayed safely behind her so she didn’t notice.


~ by getchoo44 on April 22, 2008.

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