The Second-Coming

It’s about 12:45 pm. I just get off the R train at 47th Street heading into work. Walking up the stairs, I hear a voice.

“Blow that evil shit up! Blow it up so it’s oozing. That shit needs to be blown up!”

I turn the corner up the stairwell and I am met face to face… with…

Peggy Phillips!!!

We make eye contact and I can’t help myself. I say:

“Peggy Phillips!”

She stares at me and yells:

“Thank you Jesus. Blow it all up!”

I’m kind of freaked out and book out of there. But I saw her again. And it was even scarier the second time.


~ by getchoo44 on May 22, 2008.

One Response to “The Second-Coming”

  1. Why do you keep talking about me. Just leave me alone! Sincerely Peggy Phillips

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